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Selection of a developer according to the project`s parameters

Ukraine took 11th place in the ranking of the 50 most talented IT developers in the world. According to various sources, Ukrainian web specialists are competitive and reasonable in terms of paying for proposals for projects of various complexity levels.

Our service as a recruiter is unique in terms of the selection of IT developers for the Client`s needs. We will hold the tender to find the best team at the best price in accordance with the goals and budget of the Client`s. All we need is an understanding of process that you would like to implement. Ukrainian specialists distinguish at JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, C++, Typescript, etc.

Depending on the parameters of the order, the tender can take from one to four weeks.

Deal and legal support

RockInvest acts on the Client`s side and provides a basic agreement for signing between Client and IT company to determine the terms of cooperation. Agreement can be modified according to the Client`s needs. We provide control and confirmation on the translation of documents between the parties. For large companies, we offer a security audit service, which involves comprehensive independent analysis of the contractor.

Project support and testing

Our main task is to help achieve the goals of the Client, optimize his time and other expenditures. Acting as a client service, Rockinvest takes care of all routing issues, administration of meetings, controls the tasks and project deadlines. Finally, we are a one-stop shop for our clients in terms of their web development.

Content management

If during a site development, you have to face loading a large amount of data, or preparing new texts, we are ready to help. We offer writing articles for the site and social networks, filling it with relevant keywords that reflect your activity in the market, or even prepare lists for uploading to the site by the developer. This service can be done at the stage of website development or as a support service. Sometimes you just don`t have enough hands on everything, but filling the page with content is an integral part a popular website.

Express digital marketing

We will support you in setting up SEO and SMM activity, develop a plan of publications, prepare it taking into account keywords and other parameters, publish it according to the agreed schedule and prepare reports on the results. Full cycle or support services are available.
RockInvest offers our clients a set of express reports that will help them independently carry out the necessary analysis without spending on full-scale marketing researches:

  • Data analysis of the site traffic and assigned keywords by Google
  • Selecting of appropriate keywords due to SWOT analysis
  • Preparing the plan of digital marketing development strategy for short term and support promotion of creatives

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