1. The searching and selection of the real estate objects for investments

We have multi-year experience of work in the real estate market.

We cooperate only with proven agents and owners and know, how to check the real estate property for investment, and what return it can offer. We provide consulting and agreement support in real estate

When the client knows, what is exactly the object for funding he needs, we will search at the market available options and sellers.

We collect and present an independent analysis of investment features, detected risks, of added available opportunities for the client.


  1. Distressed Assets

RockInvest is a team of experts with an extensive experience of the local NPL market. We can assist you investing in the Ukrainian NPL market.

The recent legislative improvements in Ukrainian property and currency regulation has started a true liberalization and enforced transparency and security. Today, the conditions are ripe to offer attractive risk adjusted returns to investors.

  • A solid pipeline of NPLs in Ukraine with an estimated national value of €16,6 bn,
  • Diversification: 75% corporate NPLs, 25% personal NPLs,
  • The notional value of mortgage backed NPLs (to-be-auctioned) is approx. €2 bn,
  • A transparent process of public auctions via Transparency International electronic system,
  • NPLs are sold according to a Dutch auction model,
  • Lack of international competition and absence of large buyers,
  • New foreign currency regulation (as 7/2/2019), which facilitates international transactions.




  1. Pre-acquisition:
  • NPLs (Individual loan or pools) financial and legal due diligence based on expected recovery rates.
  1. Acquisition:
  • Definition of the bigging strategy and participation in auctions.
  1. Post-aquisition:
  • Conclusion of all post-auction paperwork.
  • Extensive work through NPLs portfolio to achieve targeted recovery rates.
  • Restructuring in direct cooperation with the debtors.
  • Debt collection and enforcement strategy (in-house and outsourcing).
  • Collateral optimization.
  • Exit strategy execution.
  1. Cash flow optimization and portfolios
  1. Client`s real estate management

Maintenance of real estate object operation and condition control. Control of timely lease payments, communication with the tenant, solution of minor economic issues by representing the interests of the owner. Notifying about emerging threats or opportunities related to the real estate..


  1. Agent services

Sale, lease of real estate, or search for options in accordance with the Client’s task. Preparation of reports and materials on the progress of tasks.


  1. Independent analysis and audit of the investment project of the client

If the Client studies the possibility of investing in a business in Ukraine and considers someone’s proposal, sometimes it is necessary to independently verify the planned assumptions or opinions. As a disinterested person, we will help to verify or find refutes to the assumptions made.


  1. Researching and selection of third parties to realize investment projects

You need counterparties and partners with whom you plan to develop your business in Ukraine, but you need help in search, verification, and tender selection – we know what to do.


  1. A representative of the client`s interests in negotiations; view of the real estate property

Subject to the client`s interests, we provide primary negotiations, observing privacy principles, prepare a detailed report, and analyze.

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