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GREENEX-ECO the Mobile Incineration Complex – Future of Our Clear Environment


In recent years we have all witnessed many events related to the emergence of various threats in the form of viruses, fevers, and infections, which have not only regional meaning but also coming to be global. The origin of these threats, some experts rely on human activity, others believe, that they arise on their own, and there is not always exist any certainty in this issue.





However, what can be definitely said is the result of such threats has a direct impact on human life, while we protect ourselves, our actions result in the impact on the environment: more drugs, more related disposable tools,  and materials, more protective equipment, more personal hygiene products, more packaging for all of the above categories.


Should we really protecting ourselves pollute the environment with doubled power, exerting it to respond with new even more dangerous challenges in the form of viral mutations, infections, and ultimately climate change?


Medical waste includes all waste, generated by medical facilities, and laboratories, including not only medical waste in the form of syringes,  blood bags, systems, tissue, protective clothing, etc.; but in some cases even food, which an infected person has come in contact with.


It is estimated, that one hospital bed can generate 2 or more kilograms of such waste per day, and in developed countries for six kilograms or more!




According to the WHO data, from the total volume of medical wastes, one bed has about 0.5 Kg of dangerous wastes (the data 2018). It is one, which requires specific special recycling conditions. Such waste in an untreated form, must not be mixed with other waste, including in landfills, since harmful substances from it have a high risk of entering surface groundwater. Incineration in furnaces, intended for disposing of general household waste carries the risk, that burning material containing or treated it chlorine can produce dioxins and furans, which are carcinogens for humans and cause a number of adverse health effects.

Burning heavy metals or materials with high metal content  (particularly lead, mercury, and cadmium) can spread toxic metals into the environment. Alternatives to incineration, such as autoclaving, microwave, and steam treatment, integrated with internal mixing, which minimizes the generation and emission of chemicals or harmful discharge should be considered in the case when sufficient resources are available to operate and maintain such systems and dispose of treated waste.


Only modern incinerators operating at 850-1100°C and equipped with special gas cleaning equipment can meet international standards for emissions of dioxins,  furans, chlorine, fluorine, and sulfur


Among the technologies meeting the latest requirements and defined in  accordance with European environmental standards, is GREENEX-ECO installations

One of the key activities of GREENEX-ECO is the development and production of flue gas aspiration and cleaning systems. This made it possible to create incineration complexes, which, by disposing of medical waste, have an impact on the environment only in permissible norms.


Thus, all modifications of the complexes ECO, developed in accordance with Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 24, 2010, on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control), and has a 5-stage flue gas cleaning.


The company’s engineers and executives treated with understanding the speed and efficiency to solve the problem of medical waste recycling.


The company offers complexes on the go ECO-100 and ECO-200 (capacity of 100 and 200 kg of waste per hour, respectively), which are installed on a standard vehicle platform and can be moved between settlements, disposing of waste in places of its rapid accumulation.


Indeed, any transportation of infected waste is an additional significant risk,  requiring robust control and neutralization.


Using a mobile complex, this factor is eliminating. The production period of the standard ECO-100 or ECO-200 complex is 3 months.

Rockinvest LLC is a commercial partner of GREENEX-ECO in the UK, EU, and Switzerland. To get more details, please contact us at or through messengers on our social media pages.




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GREENEX-ECO the Mobile Incineration Complex – Future of Our Clear Environment

In recent years we have all witnessed many events related to the emergence of various threats in the form of viruses, fevers, and infections, which have not only regional meaning but also coming to be global. The origin of these threats, some experts rely on human activity, others believe, that they arise on their own, […]


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