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The Most Demanded Areas in Ukraine to Invest!!!


RockInvest LLC is a consulting company, the main activity of which is to provide services to international investors and commercial organizations that are planning to develop their activities in Ukraine or considering such an opportunity.

We provide services in the following categories:

marketing – market analysis and data collection according to the Client’s assignment; search for manufacturers and suppliers of products; search for partners and consumers of the Client’s products and services; providing representative functions in the local market on behalf of the Client.

legal consulting – consulting in relation to taxes and fees; developing the optimal legal structure of a Client’s presence in Ukraine; registering a legal entity; providing KYC procedures for local companies.

investments – search of investment objects according to the criteria designated by the Client; independent audit of investment projects and business projects; risk analysis; representative functions.

The most demanded areas of cooperation:

  1. Agriculture – Ukraine is one of the world’s major players in a number of agricultural crops. Large agricultural holdings with land banks of tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of hectares of cultivated land are operating in the country. There are also international traders in the market who ensure the export of agricultural products. However, there are also smaller farms and processors who are willing to provide the highest quality and work with international partners directly.

If the client is interested in a particular product of a given quality, and he is ready to build long-term relationships with the producer, bypassing the chain of traders and thus saving money Rockinvest will search and analyze the suppliers, negotiate with them in favor of the Client (in confidence), will accompany the contract.

  1. Real estate – one of the most demanded and reliable areas of investment in Ukraine is real estate, which allows obtaining a yield of 6-12% per annum.

We constantly monitor the situation on the market and cooperate with the best and trusted brokers. Depending on the Client’s task we will search and check the object of investment. We will accompany the purchase process and take over the property management function, guaranteeing the client a reliable and stable passive income.

  1. IT – in recent years, Ukrainian specialists have proved themselves in the international IT market. Our developers are highly demanded by international IT giants from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Software development, web design, and digital marketing – Ukrainian specialists are ready to provide services in all these areas. As we know, the main component of the cost of such services is the cost of labor. And despite the fact that this category of specialists is one of the highest-paid in Ukraine, their cost is still much lower than in the EU, for example, with inferior quality. The most popular requests now: design and development of marketplace and online stores, corporate sites, and specialized software and CRM systems. Marketing and promotion (SMM, SEO) are also in demand.

Rockinvest will carry out the search of the executors by the client’s request and will obtain the best conditions for the client. We can also act as Customer Service in the process of the project execution for the benefit of the client.

In addition to the above-mentioned directions, we are providing consulting in the mining industry; engineering and ecology (technologies of sorting and disposal of the waste of different categories), and many others.

Our task is to make your cooperation with Ukraine as profitable and convenient as possible.

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RockInvest signed an agency agreement with a Ukrainian corn grits producer to find buyers on the European market. The producer’s quota for available for sale products is up to 1,500 tons per month.
The products are represented by several types, including fine grinding, coarse grinding, European standard. Packaging can be carried out in 25, 50 kg bags or big-bags.
For more information and prices, please contact us.
RockInvest is also in talks with the owner of a state-of-the-art corn grits facility with an annual capacity of 55K tons to find an off-taker. Once agreements are reached we will provide details for you.



RockInvest LLC implemented the first part of the contract with a company from Switzerland to find a Ukrainian contractor for the development of a modern online store.

The work was carried out in the format of a tender – requests were sent out to eight companies. Among the bidders were both companies with whom we already had the experience of cooperation and new ones who were identified as experts in creating online stores and marketplaces.

To be honest, it was not easy to define the winner, because the competencies and experience of the participants were at a high level. If we talk about the three leaders of the tender, each of them offered specific solutions and visions for the implementation of the project, which made it very difficult to make the choice.

The same condition for all bidders was to perform the work (design, layout, and programming) on a turnkey basis.

Summarizing the results of our work :

– We have deepened our knowledge of the Ukrainian market of IT companies and got acquainted with new professional companies-developers;

– We have found specialists working with template tools like WordPress; Drupal; Open Cart as well as developers working with frameworks Laravel; Zend; Symfony; ASP NET; JSF and others to create progressive individual solutions.

– Got acquainted with new features and current trends in the development of online stores and marketplaces;

– Expanded the toolkit in SEO and SMM services.

A short-term SEO and SMM work plan was developed for our client, with the prospect of developing a full-fledged marketing strategy.

Also, the Rockinvest team will oversee the development of the new site, acting as the Customer Service. Thus we plan to relieve him of the need to participate in the routine approvals and expanding his staff.

Rockinvest LLC is ready to work on new orders for selecting Ukrainian IT contractors for international clients. We are ready to save our clients time and money.

For companies interested in entering the Ukrainian market, we will conduct market research on our own or help to select among the leading Ukrainian companies.

GREENEX-ECO the Mobile Incineration Complex – Future of Our Clear Environment!!!


In recent years we have all witnessed many events related to the emergence of various threats in the form of viruses, fevers, and infections, which have not only regional meaning but also coming to be global. The origin of these threats, some experts rely on human activity, others believe, that they arise on their own, and there is not always exist any certainty in this issue.





However, what can be definitely said is the result of such threats has a direct impact on human life, while we protect ourselves, our actions result in the impact on the environment: more drugs, more related disposable tools,  and materials, more protective equipment, more personal hygiene products, more packaging for all of the above categories.


Should we really protecting ourselves pollute the environment with doubled power, exerting it to respond with new even more dangerous challenges in the form of viral mutations, infections, and ultimately climate change?


Medical waste includes all waste, generated by medical facilities, and laboratories, including not only medical waste in the form of syringes,  blood bags, systems, tissue, protective clothing, etc.; but in some cases even food, which an infected person has come in contact with.


It is estimated, that one hospital bed can generate 2 or more kilograms of such waste per day, and in developed countries for six kilograms or more!




According to the WHO data, from the total volume of medical wastes, one bed has about 0.5 Kg of dangerous wastes (the data 2018). It is one, which requires specific special recycling conditions. Such waste in an untreated form, must not be mixed with other waste, including in landfills, since harmful substances from it have a high risk of entering surface groundwater. Incineration in furnaces, intended for disposing of general household waste carries the risk, that burning material containing or treated it chlorine can produce dioxins and furans, which are carcinogens for humans and cause a number of adverse health effects.

Burning heavy metals or materials with high metal content  (particularly lead, mercury, and cadmium) can spread toxic metals into the environment. Alternatives to incineration, such as autoclaving, microwave, and steam treatment, integrated with internal mixing, which minimizes the generation and emission of chemicals or harmful discharge should be considered in the case when sufficient resources are available to operate and maintain such systems and dispose of treated waste.


Only modern incinerators operating at 850-1100°C and equipped with special gas cleaning equipment can meet international standards for emissions of dioxins,  furans, chlorine, fluorine, and sulfur


Among the technologies meeting the latest requirements and defined in  accordance with European environmental standards, is GREENEX-ECO installations

One of the key activities of GREENEX-ECO is the development and production of flue gas aspiration and cleaning systems. This made it possible to create incineration complexes, which, by disposing of medical waste, have an impact on the environment only in permissible norms.


Thus, all modifications of the complexes ECO, developed in accordance with Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 24, 2010, on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control), and has a 5-stage flue gas cleaning.


The company’s engineers and executives treated with understanding the speed and efficiency to solve the problem of medical waste recycling.


The company offers complexes on the go ECO-100 and ECO-200 (capacity of 100 and 200 kg of waste per hour, respectively), which are installed on a standard vehicle platform and can be moved between settlements, disposing of waste in places of its rapid accumulation.


Indeed, any transportation of infected waste is an additional significant risk,  requiring robust control and neutralization.


Using a mobile complex, this factor is eliminating. The production period of the standard ECO-100 or ECO-200 complex is 3 months.

Rockinvest LLC is a commercial partner of GREENEX-ECO in the UK, EU, and Switzerland. To get more details, please contact us at info@rockinvest-ua.com or through messengers on our social media pages.



The Agreement About Free Trade Area!!!

The agreement about free trade area creation with Israel will come into force from January 1, 2021. According to it, Israel will revoke among 80% of import duties for Ukrainian industrial goods and more than 9% – for the agricultural sector.
In return, Ukraine will call off 70% of duties and more than 6% of the agricultural sector for Israeli goods.
The source is FinStream

Hygienic products and the others!!!


RockInvest proposes competition products with high quality from trust manufacturers, among which are:

  1. Sanitizers with an alcohol basic, liquid gels in different bottles; smell and color selection; private labeling – we cooperate with trusted manufacturers of goods
  2. Antibacterial, biodegradable, flushable, baby, make-up wet wipeswe have the export experience of cosmetic and hygiene goods to the EU.

All products are certified and respond to all the highest standards

  1. Bands and bandages with the assortment
  2. Agricultural production with  the assortment

Ukraine is one of the European leaders in agricultural goods manufacturing.  We will help to find the product you are interested in and its suppliers; verify their safety, and realize KYC-analysis by the client. We will build its chain and organize a supply.

For all requests, please contact us!

The Office for Rent!!!


Price: $3200 per month

Property type: Office space

Floor: 14th out of 19

Gross area: 128 sqm

Ceiling height: 3 m.

Year built: 2011-2015

2 toilet facilities

2 open balconies


Сentralized heating, electricity, and water supply, CCTV, 2 elevators, underground parking, guests parking, well-developed infrastructure.

Access to the building available by electronic passes.

Office space located on a cross of Pankivskia St and Saksahanskoho St, in BC Saksahansʹkyy, is offered for long-term rent.

The Universitet metro station is 10-15 minutes’ walk distance through the Botanic garden.

The area is divided into 4 rooms, with the opportunity to create cabinets for a director and an accountant; there is also an open space office for co-workers, a kitchen, and a wardrobe.

The premise is equipped with two corner loggias of 13.7 and 13.8 sqm with access to Saksagansky St. and the inner courtyard.

There is also available underground parking with the opportunity to buy/rent a parking lot; and overflow parking lots.

The office space is to be rented with basic repair.

The Law on Gambling in Ukraine 2020!!!


Recently the President of Ukraine has adopted and signed the Law on gambling in Ukraine 2020.

The information for this article was prepared by RockInvest upon the article of Andrew Astapov, and aimed to allay fears about gambling in Ukraine, and also to underline the row of advantages underline the row of the law approval.

The basic perspective of the law implementation for Ukraine is developing of investment attractiveness of the country, as well as the growth of the infrastructure, building new real estate objects, and tourist traffic increase.

In case the new 5-stars hotel with the number of rooms over 150 in Kyiv and 100 in other cities construction, the license on casino acting is given for 10 years, and the creating of special gambling zones will promote the developing of depressed regions.

Secondly, due to taxes and pay for the license, the budget of the country will be increased.

Also, some articles of the law suppose the contribution of license payments, which will favor the direct financing of such areas as sport, medicine, and health, education, etc.

Thirdly, 50% of taxes will stay in regions, where gambling points allocated, which allows accumulating cash flows for local budgets.

Fourthly, the law protects gamblers by using the mechanisms written in it.

In conclusion, it’s worth to mention that, foremost, the law has a positive cue to foreign investors, for which the law standardizes transparently and attractive conditions to conduct of business in Ukraine.

To get more info about registration of the gambling business in Ukraine, please contact Rockinvest.


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Where Can I Host a Casino in Ukraine?!!!


In the initial version of the law, it was assumed that it would be possible to place a casino only in 5-star hotels (for Kyiv – with a room fund of at least 150 rooms, for other settlements – at least 100 rooms). Now this list has been expanded and it also includes the territory of suburban complexes (with a total area of at least 10 thousand square meters, consisting of two or more buildings, among which there must be a five-star hotel) and territories inside special territorial gambling zones.

Such special zones will be created by the Cabinet of Ministers outside the populated areas or inside them, but outside the residential areas or in the economically backward areas. In Ukraine, they plan to create no more than five such special zones.

Gaming machines can be accommodated in 3.4 and 5-star hotels (the minimum number of rooms for Kyiv is at least 50, for other settlements – 25). The license is granted for 250 machines, in one hall there must be at least 50.

Bookmaker activity will be allowed both on the Internet and at ground points. However, such points can only be accommodated in 3,4,5-star hotels and at the racetrack.

Bets can be placed solely on real events, on virtual ones – a ban.

If you got interested in this article and you would like to get more information, including legal support, marketing, and other information, please, contact us at info@rockinvest-ua.com.




Rockinvest continues the series of publications on services aimed at supporting entrepreneurs who decide to conduct business in Ukraine.

You must have faced a reliability problem of counterparties or local staff.

Rockinvest, together with its partners, offers a range of services related to economic security and beyond. .

This service can be described as development and maintenance of complex security systems.
Each system is tailored to meet the specific customer’s needs, taking into account the nature of the business and tasks at hand.

The purpose of developing such system is to identify and prevent risks to a business in a timely manner.

While planning and developing complex security systems, we are based on the outsourcing model of work on the principle of maximum “non-interference” in the business processes of a client, at the same time maintaining maximum efficiency with timely identification and prevention of risks for business.

Such system may include full or partial set of the following options:

– economic security – background check of employees & candidates, contractors, quality of pre-tender works;

– internal security – investigation of incidents, anti-corruption activities, prevention of leakage of confidential information and commercial secrets;

– IT security – encryption, storage, backup, setting up anti-hacker software, search and counteraction of tacit information removal from communication channels and acoustic way;

– legal security – seminars related to various aspects of security for management, for employees, anti-raid activities;

– technical security – installation of technical means of security, video and audio surveillance, internal / external / peripheral surveillance, installation of window breaking sensors, alarm systems (security and fire);

– physical security – personal guards, outpost guards, site guards, encashment.

Additional separate services:
– Know Your Client – actions directed on an establishment/confirmation of the identifying data of assets/persons (full name, place of birth, citizenship, passport series and number, individual tax number, etc.).

– Politically Exposed Person – monitoring is conducted to identify the subject’s ties with the media, public and political organisations, as well as with influential and politically exposed persons. For example, if you do not want your activities to be linked to a local political party or odious persons in order to protect your reputation.

– Criminal Background Check – in case of hiring or any doubts about counterparties, activities are carried out to obtain information about possible criminal, administrative, fugitive and criminal connections. If necessary, an official certificate on the absence of criminal records can be provided.

The costs of services are estimated on a case by case basis and in full confidentiality.

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