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Rockinvest LLC is Ukraine based consulting company, providing services in business development, marketing, legal, and investment sectors for foreign companies, or private clients planning to develop its business in Ukraine.

The key advantage of cooperation with us is a “single window” of communication, setting of the goals, and reporting. Our clients effectively organize their time and business processes.

Marketing services block includes market research in Ukraine and comprehensive trade assist activities.

If you are looking for goods or services to buy from Ukraine, we will support you:

  • to find targeting products
  • analyze its readiness for export
  • verify producer
  • set up the negotiation process, and information exchange.

Together with our logistic partners, we can evaluate costs and provide goods delivery from Ukraine to the EU, USA, or any other parts of the World.

Market research in Ukraine – a type of products, prices, suppliers, customer’s preferences, and anything you need to know creating your marketing strategy and planning to enter the Ukrainian market.

Rockinvest LLC provides legal services for companies who already decided to enter the Ukrainian market and planning to open a business in Ukraine. This block of services also includes local contractor’s analysis, their involvement in court issues, credit history, and reputation.

For Clients, who planning to get profit investing in Ukraine, we recommend study opportunities in the real estate market in Kyiv. Our team knows how to find the best offers of property for sale in Ukraine. To buy an apartment, house, or commercial property is a reliable investment with annual profitability of up to 12%.

Rockinvest LLC can realize your intention at all stages:

  • searching for real estate according to buyer’s budget and other parameters
  • legal and economic risks prevention
  • transactions management and taxation
  • deal control
  • property management
  • project divestment, and exit.

Our portfolio includes acting as representative of foreign clients (in a non-disclosing mode as well) for projects in:

  1. The mining sector – searching available for investment assets according to client’s parameters;
  2. IT industry – websites design and programming, with further SEO and SMM activities;
  3. Commodity trade
  4. Real estate investment management
  5.  Other consulting services.

According to the сlient’s demand, we can find and tender a software development company in Ukraine saving his time and money.

Why you should become Rockinvest’s client? – Because we are professionals with multiyear experience, who follows western business standards and principles.

Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets and our team does all the best to provide top-level services to the Clients. There are no unsolvable tasks for us within Ukraine.

The world is changing, the fast development of communication technologies bring new effective solutions in business processes optimization. Don’t waste your time on multiple contractors’ searches, paper works, and endless communications. Plan your foreign trips only when it is necessary.

Rockinvest LLC will do all local work in Ukraine for you, simplify your communication, save time and funds, mitigate risks, bring a profit.




The Most Demanded Areas in Ukraine to Invest

RockInvest LLC is a consulting company, the main activity of which is to provide services to international investors and commercial organizations that are planning to develop their activities in Ukraine or considering such an opportunity. We provide services in the following categories: – marketing – market analysis and data collection according to the Client’s assignment; […]



RockInvest signed an agency agreement with a Ukrainian corn grits producer to find buyers on the European market. The producer’s quota for available for sale products is up to 1,500 tons per month. The products are represented by several types, including fine grinding, coarse grinding, European standard. Packaging can be carried out in 25, 50 […]



RockInvest LLC implemented the first part of the contract with a company from Switzerland to find a Ukrainian contractor for the development of a modern online store. The work was carried out in the format of a tender – requests were sent out to eight companies. Among the bidders were both companies with whom we […]


GREENEX-ECO the Mobile Incineration Complex – Future of Our Clear Environment

In recent years we have all witnessed many events related to the emergence of various threats in the form of viruses, fevers, and infections, which have not only regional meaning but also coming to be global. The origin of these threats, some experts rely on human activity, others believe, that they arise on their own, […]


The Agreement About Free Trade Area

The agreement about free trade area creation with Israel will come into force from January 1, 2021. According to it, Israel will revoke among 80% of import duties for Ukrainian industrial goods and more than 9% – for the agricultural sector. In return, Ukraine will call off 70% of duties and more than 6% of […]


Hygienic products and the others

RockInvest proposes competition products with high quality from trust manufacturers, among which are: Sanitizers with an alcohol basic, liquid gels in different bottles; smell and color selection; private labeling – we cooperate with trusted manufacturers of goods Antibacterial, biodegradable, flushable, baby, make-up wet wipes – we have the export experience of cosmetic and hygiene goods […]


The Office for Rent

Commission-Free Price: $3200 per month Property type: Office space Floor: 14th out of 19 Gross area: 128 sqm Ceiling height: 3 m. Year built: 2011-2015 2 toilet facilities 2 open balconies   Сentralized heating, electricity, and water supply, CCTV, 2 elevators, underground parking, guests parking, well-developed infrastructure. Access to the building available by electronic passes. […]


The Law on Gambling in Ukraine 2020

Recently the President of Ukraine has adopted and signed the Law on gambling in Ukraine 2020. The information for this article was prepared by RockInvest upon the article of Andrew Astapov, and aimed to allay fears about gambling in Ukraine, and also to underline the row of advantages underline the row of the law approval. […]


Where Can I Host a Casino in Ukraine?

In the initial version of the law, it was assumed that it would be possible to place a casino only in 5-star hotels (for Kyiv – with a room fund of at least 150 rooms, for other settlements – at least 100 rooms). Now this list has been expanded and it also includes the territory […]



BUSINESS SECURITY Rockinvest continues the series of publications on services aimed at supporting entrepreneurs who decide to conduct business in Ukraine. You must have faced a reliability problem of counterparties or local staff. Rockinvest, together with its partners, offers a range of services related to economic security and beyond. . This service can be described […]



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